Visiting Artist Earl Swanigan’s Studio
28th May 2010Posted in: Blog 7
Visiting Artist Earl Swanigan’s Studio
A Closer Look at Hudson's Famed Outsider Artist

During our first trip to the town of Hudson a year ago, we discovered a series of paintings with a distinctly primitive style in almost every store. Each merchant gleaned with pride to feature the work of the famed local outsider artist: Earl Swanigan. Not hours after discovering his work, and contemplating a purchase from one of the charming Hudson storefronts, we discovered Earl himself, hawking his paintings from a nearby vacant parking lot.

Unable to purchase one of Earl’s paintings at the time – they simply wouldn’t fit in the car – we vowed to return in search of the over-sized black cat painting that was imprinted in my memory. When we recently found ourselves outside of Hudson, we immediately took to hunting Earl down as if he was our long-lost friend.

We learned from one of the local shop owners that Earl had his own studio, on the second floor of a building along the main street. His cell phone posted on the door, we called and twenty minutes later were welcomed into a small room lined with large paintings. Earl was patient as we painstakingly sorted through each one, pulling out prospects, examining each painting until we found the one. We plan to continue our patronage of Earl Swanigan’s work for years to come.

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Earl’s one-man show at Basilica Industria


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  1. Beth says:

    I would LOVE to see the studio and buy a painting…any advice on how I can find him?

  2. cx3lab says:

    Well, I’ll do my best: Earl’s studio is in an unmarked building, I believe on Warren Street near the Hudson Valley Arts Center. When you get to Hudson’s main street, just ask any of the galleries about his studio – they are all patrons of his work and I’m sure they would happily guide you to the right place. If I happen upon his phone number (which I’m trying to locate) I’ll send it along to you. Thanks for reading!!!

  3. foto says:

    I love your blog keep up the good work

  4. Brilliant Article! Today has been a very stressful day, but this just made me smile. Thank you.

  5. thanks, interesting article

  6. Juan says:

    The paintings are very exciting works – sometimes it does take an outsider, a different eye, to see the world with such amusement. Hope to find more of his works closer to NYC.

  7. Sam Pratt says:

    You can find Earl on Warren Street in Hudson most any day of the week. He often sets up on the sidewalk between 3rd and 4th streets. (Bring cash…)

    Here are a couple more examples of his work on my site:

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